we keep you safe

Registor(e) is registered as an Accountant (ITAA 50.692.095) but we do much more than keeping your records safe, writing historical data, compliance or filing your tax declarations. This is but a part of what you can expect from us.

Together, we keep your future safe, by providing accurate data and analysis, so you can make the right decisions, recognize potential risks and act on new possibilities.


Our team consists out of several experienced professionals, are all driven to provide you the best of service.

The company director has gained more than 20 years of experience in the field of audit, compliance, tax and IT. He also acts as a judicial mediator and is a judge for the Company Court of Brussels & Leuven. 

We will always try to keep a personal contact with you, at the center of our team.


Our clients are active in the area of franchising and retail (Albert Heijn, Brico, Carrefour, Louis Delhaize, ..), real estate (management & construction) or Liberal Professions. This is our area of expertise.

We put our clients first, always upholding our professional confidentiality. As result hereof we may not publish the names of our clients.

Need more details? 

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